Doing some exterior body work

Wally had some dents and dings in his previous life! A few of them, we just weren't okay with leaving them where they were at.  One of the challenges of working with a 59 year old Airstream is the 59 year old aluminum skin.  While we have some AWESOME friends that have some amazing metal working skills (Rob is a master fabricator at Donnie Smith's in Blaine, MN), the metal is so old and oxidized that it has become brittle and a little more difficult than new to work with.  So, we're moving forward with removing the two rear panels that were the worst offenders and replacing them.  Drilling out rivets is fun! /sarcasm. 

After about 2 hours of work, here we are. Plenty of airflow through the interior now.

While I was working on the panels, Jackie was busy pulling all of the old wiring out of the interior as we plan on replacing everything there as well.  Here's about 40 lbs of 59 year old wiring from the interior.

Onward and upward! We have ordered the replacement metal from Discount Steel in Minneapolis.  Talk to Ron Lovelace there. He's awesome to work with.  They're going to be cutting out exactly what I need with their laser and shipping it to us.