Vintage Parts for Sale!

Jackie and I decided that we didn't want to go back to vintage original.  Although we certainly could have as the previous owner Jim saved EVERYTHING, we're going to go with a rear bedroom, mid-cabin bathroom layout. This pretty much renders everything furniture-wise inert for our build out. Also, since we're taking the time to do a full solar/battery/off-grid boondocking setup, it doesn't make much sense to put appliances that have lower efficiencies than what we're capable of getting today.  

All that said, the  old appliances look AWESOME and I'd love to use them. So, I'm hoping there's some people out there that are replacing to stock and need some of these parts.  Here are a few of them pictured that are up for sale:

  • Original Ammonia Dometic Fridge (so cool)
  • Original 50'ish gallon water tank
  • Original range
  • Original water heater
  • Original furnace
  • Other odds and ends lighting

If you happen to be interested in any of these parts, send me a message at and I'm happy to work out some kind of deal or trade!