Two fun items for Wally came today!

Two really fun things for Wally were acquired today. 

First, our Victron Multiplus Charger/Inverter came! The Multiplus is the brains for the electrical system for Wally.  It is a charger in that it takes input power from the supply sources (Solar cells, shore power (30/50A), generator) and charges the batteries for off-grid power.  It is also an inverter in that it takes the 12V power from the batteries and provides up to 3000W of running power in AC for the outlets and 110 VAC appliances.  Now, it does all of this in a really smart (read: expensive) way. I'm sure that you're all assuming, "Duh, you can probably monitor all of this power generation/inversion/charging via bluetooth and a cloud based app". You'd be assuming correctly, so I won't talk about that. 😀I'm sure there will be many posts around this as I get closer to installation.  I'm just happy to have this monster in my possession. You can find more details about the Multiplus here!

Second, Jackie and I visited the MN Home Store to look for odds and ends pieces.  They are a discount clearance builder's store in the Twin Cities.  We found an awesome sink/vanity that we decided to bring home with us. It's great because it's shallow on depth and wide which is what we need for Wally's bathroom!