Some Updates! Pop-up sold, new aluminum acquired, new headphones for sleep!

Hi All! We’re sorry it’s been awhile since we’ve updated but work has been crazy busy so we haven’t had a lot of time! A couple pretty cool updates:

1) We sold the popup! While we’re pretty sad to see it go, we met the nicest couple that bought it from us! They came with cash, knew how to title transfer and we’re all set to go. That couldn’t have gone better. In a world where everything seems to be really complicated right now, they made it super easy. Now we’ve got some cash to spend on Wally the Airstream upgrades!

2) Many of you read the aluminum sourcing saga. Just as a reminder, in case you missed it, in working with Discount Steel in Minneapolis, we thought we had found a metal supplier that was easy to work with and reasonably priced. Unfortunately we had some mixups in getting what we needed. They kept sending us bare 2024 T3 aluminum instead of the aluminum clad 2024 T3 that we needed. Well, it turns out that they don’t stock aluminum clad 2024 T3 and that their foundry no longer makes it either. So, we had to find a new supplier for the lower street-side piece that we’re replacing. We ended up going with Airparts out of Kansas City and they were delightful to deal with. You can see their selection of Airstream specific parts here.

3) On a totally unrelated note, about 2 years ago we joined a kickstarter program for a product that was in development called Kokoon Relax. Kokoon Relax is a set of headphones that pairs with an iPhone/android app to help with sleep. The partnered up with Onkyo to make some pretty great headphones. As much as I travel, I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Kokoon has EEG sensors in the headphone cups to measure your brain activity and provide soothing sounds to match where you are in the sleep cycle. It also helps that they’re made of super soft material, super comfortable, thin, and use noise isolation algorithms to block out outside sounds. I figure that some of our readership may have some troubles sleeping as well so I’d give a little endorsement to a neat project here. Feel free to reach out to Kyle at to ask more! Visit Kokoon’s website by clicking here. Right now they’re on sale for pre-order for $299 but when they go back to their normal price of $399 you can use my coupon code to get a discount: hknl-ectu-5hm1